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If you are interested in making money online in a simple, straightforward fashion, then Click ‘n Earn promises to be one website that delivers. Click ‘n Earn is an international advertising website that allows you to connect with potential customers around the world through their “browse ad” webpages. Through this website, you can reach best potential customers to your webpages, customize their visitor time and which ads are best suited for them depending on their country of origin.Click ‘n Earn essentially lets you make money at home by just clicking on different ads and visiting websites. Basically, you are paid to click a small amount which can add up in a short amount of time. For most websites, all you have to do is the following;

Get paid to View each Websites from  5 to 45 seconds up to $.001 each.

Get paid to promote your referral link.

Get paid for each ad your referral views up to 40%

Get paid when your referral upgrades up to 10% .

Get paid to signup to free websites up to $0.10 each.

You won’t get rich quick doing this but you can multiply your income by using your referral link to refer other members each member you signup you will get up to 40% of each click if you are a upgraded member. You will also receive up to 10% of each upgrade your referrals choose to buy and 8% of each purchase your referral makes.This can grow to be a good daily income when you start it won’t be much but you can write or have articles written about “how to make money online” submit them to free article directories,or setup a free blog write a review or add your article “how to make money online”  submit it to the search engines with your referral link in the article or blog post  each person that you signup starts to grow your income.After some time you can start earning $20-$50 per day sounds good right you don’t have to do anything but promote your referral link and watch your income grow.

How to request a payout at click n earn

Once you build up to a pre-set level, which is $2.00 you can request a payout through popular sites such as Paypal or Payza. This means that you can have your money sent to you quickly without having to wait for the check in the mail. There is simply a tremendous number of websites and advertisements that you can view and be paid to click. There is a surf sites option you click the first site view it and you then click the matching picture and on to the next site i am sure you are starting to see how easy it is to earn from click n earn and that this could grow into a good daily income. There is no experience needed and it is very simple to earn extra income by getting paid to click. All you need is a valid email address along with a Paypal or Payza account. You need to play within the rules and not have more than one account per person. Creating false accounts can result in you getting banned from Click ‘n Earn.

Why Click ‘n Earn is Right for You

For those who want to get started making money online, but do not have the experience, knowledge or capital needed to make other, more expensive and risky ventures work, this is the perfect system to use. Click ‘n Earn is designed to be simple and straightforward, doing honest work and getting paid for it. For students or adults who can only work part time from home, this is a great way to earn an income stream without having to set up a website. All you need is a little time to devote to view ads and promote your referral link.Getting referrals is free all you have to do is write a article or set up a free blog very simple and this is free or you can have a article written for you and a blog setup for you at this will cost you only 5$ then you need seo done for you blog or article targeting the keyword “paid to click” you can have this done at fiverr again this will cost you 5$ after this is done and your article or blog post starts to recieve traffic searching the keyword “paid to click” you will start to recieve referrals and earning extra income with little work also make sure you promote you referral links on social networks like twitter facebook linkedin this is another great free way to recieve referrals. There is virtually no learning curve, free to signup here click-n-earn and get paid to click you can get started  immediately. So why wait? Get started on one of the easiest and fun money making systems on the web with today.


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